DNBX sells brandable domain names, each with professionally designed logos for your new business or product.

A great brand starts with an even greater name.
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Welcome to DNBX. We are a creative, boutique marketplace for catchy business or product names, brandable domain names, professional logo design and graphic design services. We love seeing new startups evolve and our aim is to assist these entrepreneurs by taking the stress out of the initial naming and identity process.

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DNBX, which stands for ‘Domain Names & Brands Exchange’, is an Australian-based business, founded back in 2016. We provide business owners and entrepreneurs with creative business name ideas, each matched with unique logos which have been created by an experienced graphic designer, and most importantly, the exact match .COM domain name.

Here at DNBX, we have been investing in domain names and designing company logos and brand identities for years. We understand the importance of both, so we have integrated our two passions together, as a result, we have created a creative platform which conveniently sells ready-made brand packages, perfect for quick-to-market businesses, exciting new startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Purchase a DNBX brand package and you’ll receive the professionally designed logo files and most importantly, the exact match .COM domain name.

Why are domain names so important?

You may be asking yourself, why is a domain so important? A domain name is essential for an online business and a strong online presence is paramount for your business’s success. You need a domain name, plain and simple. A domain name is the name of your website, and essentially, the front door to your business online. A domain name is your email address and a vitally important business asset that plays a significant role in your overall marketing plan. Your domain name helps to promote and endorse your brand. Owning a great domain name is a game changer!

Own your exact-match domain name

Did you know that by owning and operating on your exact match .COM domain, you instantly establish authority, dominance and power for that particular brand name. As a result, in a world where numerous companies share the same business name, your prospective customers will view you as the superior brand. Just like a snowflake, domain names are unique, there is only one .COM in existence for that particular name. Be the business that smartly owns and operates on their actual brand name, in the .COM. By doing so, you’ll avoid confusing your customers.

What does DNBX offer?

Creative Business Names

DNBX offers a range of creative business and product names, as well as creative call-to-action names and popular phrases, perfect for your business’s slogan or that new marketing campaign.

Domain Names

Our growing domain name marketplace consists primarily of short, four and five letter brandable names, right through to generic, category-defining domains, acronyms and popular phrases.

Logo Design

Your business logo is a visual representation of your brand. Along with your business name, your logo is one of the main things that makes your business unique. DNBX can create one for you!

Brand Packages

Our unique, DNBX Brand Packages consist of professionally designed logo files, supplied in various formats to cover both print and web use, and most importantly, the exact match .COM domain name.

Graphic Design

In need of additional graphic design services? DNBX can help with a broad range of graphic design services, whether it be designing your business stationery, right through to publications and more.

Secure Transactions

Transactions are completed safely and securely via Escrow.com. By acting as a trusted third-party, Escrow.com collects, holds and only disburses the funds, when both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied.

How does it work?


Browse the Brand Marketplace

Browse the DNBX Brand Marketplace for your new business or product name, or that catchy phrase for that new marketing campaign or company slogan. DNBX conveniently offers you a great selection of quality, brandable names, perfect for just about any kind of business, in any sector.


Make a Secure Payment

The transaction is completed safely and securely via Escrow.com. By acting as a trusted third-party, Escrow.com collects, holds and only disburses the funds, when both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied and the domain transferred. Make payment by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.

Receive the Domain & Logos

Upon full payment being secured, DNBX will then happily provide you with your new logo files. These logo files will be emailed to you directly, normally within 24 hours. Download the ZIP file and start using them as you wish. DNBX will provide you with formats for both print and web use.

Brand consistency. Avoid customer confusion.

Domains are unique. In a rapidly growing world where many businesses share the same business name, only one of these businesses can own the matching .COM. Be that business! Why trade under a business name when another business already owns the .COM? Unfortunately, your business is destined to miss out on potential leads and sales, whilst the owner of the .COM receives all the daily visitors. Brand consistency. Avoid customer confusion. Operate on the exact match .COM. Its where potential customers are going to look.

Frequently asked questions

What about ownership rights to the logo?

When you purchase a DNBX Brand Package, you can rest assure that the unique, professionally designed logo files will never be sold again. Our unique logomarks and wordmarks are completely ‘one-off’ sales. 100% ownership and full rights to that particular logo design will be yours upon full payment being received. Upon receiving the logo files, you can use and display your new logo however you may wish. Its now yours, for good!

What formats do the logo files come in?

All businesses should have their logo files in a range of formats for specific uses, i.e. print and web use, for use over light and dark backgrounds, as well as full colour and single versions. DNBX provides you with vector files, a format which can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality, as well as common JPEG and PNG formats for general use. Your new logo files will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the transaction being completed.

Can you purchase the domain only?

Yes, most definitely! All domain name assets listed here on the DNBX Brand Marketplace are available with, or without, the professionally designed logo files. The choice is absolutely yours!

Are fonts included with the logo files?

Unfortunately, no. Logos created by DNBX either use fonts which have been customized for uniqueness, or are 100% completely custom made. For these reasons, no fonts are included.

Logo customization?

Absolutely! Love a Brand Package here at DNBX, but you would like to change the logo colors? Let us know and we’ll certainly get it done for you. Of course, any major revisions requested to the actual logo design may incur additional charges, so please inquire beforehand.

How are domains transferred?

Domains can normally be ‘pushed’ from one account to another, at most Registrars. If however, you prefer to have the domain registered elsewhere, DNBX will happily provide you with the Auth Code so that you can initiate a transfer away to your preferred Registrar of choice.

Help and assistance

We are here to help you throughout the entire process. Although time difference between some countries can prove to be bit of a challenge, we will endeavor to respond to your requests as soon as possible, normally within a 24 hours. Here at DNBX, we value your business.

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Its astonishing, just how many business owners do not truly understand, or embrace, the importance of owning a premium domain name. A premium domain could well be the difference between a business’s success, or outright failure. Premium domains are without doubt, one of the single most important assets a business can own. They evoke trust and credibility among prospective customers and they can instantly establish that your business is serious about the products and services in which it offers its customers.

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