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Browse the DNBX Brand Marketplace for your new business name or product name. DNBX offers a great selection of name options, each with the exact match dot COM domain name and a professionally designed logo. We supply formats for both print and web use.


Given the ever-changing detail, policies, and vastness of the global trademark database system, We cannot guarantee Our names, domains, and/or logos do not infringe on the rights of any other ‘Live’ marks. We do Our best to ensure Our domain names and logos are completely original, but cannot guarantee this at the time of listing nor at the time of sale. For this reason, by purchasing a domain and/or logo from Us, you are agreeing that you will not hold Us liable for any future damages caused in part by copyright or trademark-related issues resulting from any purchase on This Website. We suggest all of Our clients conduct due diligence when purchasing any listed brand package available on This Website.

About Us

DNBX is a boutique marketplace for sourcing creative business names, brandable domain names, professional logo design and graphic design services.