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Notable Sales – April 2019

Welcome to Notable Sales – April 2019. Like March, April saw some solid sales. Once again, one word .com’s continue to dominate with being the stand-out performer. Here are the sales which caught our eye this month… – $402,500

What can I say… This is an absolute monster name and in my opinion, a great buy. This premium domain asset recently sold via the latest Great Domains auction at Sedo. It’d be great to see an end user pick this one up, however at this price, I think it may actually be an investor? If so, I can definitely see this name comfortably selling for 7 figures in the future. – $135,000

This ultra premium, one word domain was sold by James Booth of BQDN. James has sold numerous one word .COM domains over the years and in my opinion, this is one the best. James has sold some killer names such as,,, and more. Congrats to James on the sale. – $100,000

On first look, this name appeared to be catchy, five letter brandable name. Its actually an English dictionary word, meaning combining form (used in units of measurement). Personally, I like it as a short brandable name for a new startup or product. No site resolves presently, so it’ll be interesting to see who the buyer is and what the intended use will be. – $65,000

A solid, two word name which recently sold at Sedo. On face value, most people would view this a monster sale. If you look at search results for the term Fusion Bank, you will see that there is a US Bank based in Kansas who presently operates on the gTLD, They could actually be the buyer, however no site resolves at this stage. If they are indeed the buyer, $65K is a great buy. Either way, its a win for both the buyer and seller IMO. – $46,000

Another one word dictionary name which sold at Sedo. This adjective, which means in or at the centre; central, was an absolute steal in my opinion. If you were to look at comparable sales, this one sold well beneath its true value. This is another monster name which is easily a 6 figure name IMO. Like the names listed above, no site resolves presently. 

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