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Notable Sales – March 2019


March saw quite a few solid sales. Ultra premium, one word .com’s continue to top the charts which certainly isn’t surprising. In addition to these desirable assets, there were quite a few ‘brandables’ worth noting. Here they are… – $70,000

This four letter, dictionary word .com recently sold at Sedo. It appears that an enduser was the buyer and a site is live. The actual website appears to be about a range of various water sports such as boating and sailing, among others. The company also owns the domain. – $43,530

Another four letter .com sold at Sedo. In this case, a four letter acronym containing the keyword ‘Bet’. Its nice and short and although not really a pronounceable LLLL, it has a lot of branding potential IMO. With sports-betting being recently legalised in the US, I’ve been anticipating an upward shift in pricing and sales for quality Bet and Betting names. I’m looking forward to seeing who purchased this domain and the future plans for it. – $28,100

A pronounceable, three letter, one syllable .com which sold at Namejet. More than likely purchased by an investor at that platform, this three letter name has great branding potential. Its easy to pronounce and is extremely memorable. In saying that, most people may expect the name to have a ‘k’ at the end. As an acronym, it contains the highly-desirable ‘C’ at the end for Corporation or Company. Zi is Chinese PinYin, with multiple meanings. A nice buy IMO. – $22,000

A five letter .com which recently sold at Sedo. It appears that the word Blume actually means Flower in German. Furthermore, it is also a great-sounding name with huge branding potential. Not a bad price considering. – $20,000

A two word .com and popular term which recently sold at Namejet. There is a company operating on a .me extension who could actually be the buyer, in which case, it an amazing buy for them! Double Dutch means a description of hard-to-understand language.

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