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Notable Sales – May 2019


May produced a few solid sales with the gTLD, taking top spot and fetching $335K! There was another name fetching six figures and a few pulling mid five figure prices. Here they are… – $335,000

This is one of those rare cases when a ‘new’ gTLD fetches a high price. We regularly see gTLDs sell for low four figures but more often than not, they struggle to raise an eyelid. This domain recently sold for a cool $335k with the seller being WebQuest. The buyer is still unknown but it’ll be interesting to see who it is and what they intend to do with the name. – $110,000

This single, dictionary word .com recently sold at Sedo. A huge name which in my opinion, sold for well below its true value. More than likely picked up by an investor for this price. If so, I think its a fair price. This is the type of name that I can see easily fetching high six figures to the right buyer.

*Update – it appears that Brent Oxley, a well known investor was the buyer and it sits proudly in his amazing portfolio of ultra-premium, one word .com’s. – $55,000

Another single, dictionary word .com. This time, James Booth over at BQDN was the seller. This short, four letter noun means a person legally entitled to the property or rank of another on that person’s death. James is well known for buying and selling one word .com names, as well as being a huge player in the 3L market. – $50,000

Its rare not to see a solid 3L .com sale and here is another one. This name recently sold at Sedo and the buyer is still unknown at this time. I would assume this was purchased by an enduser, however I could be wrong. It contains great letters, however I’m not a huge fan of having ‘O’ at the end of acronyms. – $50,000

On first glance would would ‘think’ that its, however you’ll notice the extra ‘i’. This sale has been thoroughly discussed elsewhere. Some will debate that the buyer WAY overpaid, whilst others feel that its a good price. Personally, I think that the seller got an amazing price. I think that this is a great example of the phrase “a domain is worth what one is willing to pay for it”. The buyer, an enduser, obviously wanted the name badly and was willing to throw down what they felt comfortable paying. Kudos to them!

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