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A ‘Palindrome’ is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards as forwards. Additionally, this is a great name for a new startup or an established company that is looking to rebrand to a short name that is both, memorable and catchy.

Brand Potential: A consulting firm. An insurance agency. A design studio.

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DNBX will transfer the domain name to you upon full payment being received. Owning an exact match dot COM domain name will instantly strengthen brand recognition. Furthermore, you'll be seen as the superior brand.

Logo Files

An experienced logo designer has created this unique logo. It is a one-off sale, never to be sold again. Furthermore, you will receive formats such as Illustrator EPS vector files, along with full rights and ownership.

Secure Transaction

The transaction will be handled by a trusted US Escrow company, The funds will only be dispersed to DNBX when the domain name has been both transferred and received in your account.

Domain Transfer

DNBX guarantee the transfer of your domain. After Escrow receives your payment, the domain name will be pushed into your account at the current Registrar, or, a transfer code will be supplied to start a transfer.

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There is quite a bit of criteria when determining the value of a domain name. Although we consider our prices to be fair, we are always happy to review serious offers from prospective buyers.

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Given the ever-changing detail, policies, and vastness of the global trademark database system, we (DNBX) cannot guarantee that our names, domains or logos do not infringe on the rights of any other 'Live' marks. We do our best to ensure that our domain names and logos are completely original, but cannot guarantee this at the time of listing, nor at the time of sale.

For this reason, by purchasing a domain or brand identity package from us (DNBX), you are agreeing that you will not hold us liable for any future damages caused in part by copyright or trademark-related issues resulting from any purchase on this website (

We (DNBX) suggest all of our clients conduct due diligence when purchasing any listed domain or brand identity package available on this website. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is and is my transaction and privacy secure?

Transactions are completed safely and securely via By acting as a trusted third-party, collects, holds and only disburses the funds, when both the Buyer and Seller are satisfied. Furthermore, accept payment via wire transfer, credit card, check and in some instances, PayPal.

For more information on the services they offer, please head to You can also refer to our Privacy Policy.

What about ownership and rights to the logo?

Firstly, when you purchase a premium, ready-made brand package from DNBX, you can rest assure that the unique, professionally designed logo files will never be sold again. Our unique logos are ‘one-off’ designs and one-off sales. Secondly, 100% ownership and full rights to that particular logo design will be yours upon full payment being received. You can then use and display your new logo however you wish!

What formats do the logo files come in?

All businesses should have logo files in a broad range of formats, for specific uses. From this, DNBX will provide you with vector files (Illustrator EPS) which can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality. Additrionally, DNBX will also provide you with JPEG and PNG formats. Your logo files will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the transaction being completed.

Can we purchase the domain only?

Most definitely! All domain names listed here at DNBX are available with, or without, the professionally designed logo files. The choice is absolutely yours!

What about logo customisation?

Absolutely! In love with a listed brand here at DNBX but you would like to change the color palette etc? Let us know and we’ll update it for you. Of course, any major revisions to the current logo design may incur additional charges, so please inquire beforehand.

How are domains transferred and what is the timeframe?

Domains can normally be ‘pushed’ from one account to another, at most registrars. As a result, this is the fastest way to receive your domain. If however, you prefer to have the domain registered elsewhere, DNBX will happily provide you with the transfer code so that you can initiate a transfer away to your preferred Registrar.

Normally, a transfer will take 5 to 7 days to complete between Registrars.

What is your Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products and the processes involved in transferring domain names, all purchases made at DNBX have a strict NO return policy after the domain and logo files has been received.