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Welcome to the DNBX Blog. Here we post our personal thoughts and views on a range of topics such as brandable domain name sales and acquisitions, new startups, logo design, graphic design, company branding and rebranding.

Welcome to the DNBX blog!

This blog will offer personal views on a range of topics relating to domain names, logo design, and branding/rebranding projects.

For those of you who are not familiar with DNBX, or myself for that matter, here is a brief overview.

My name is Matt Jackson. I am a graphic designer and domain investor from Australia. I have almost 20 years of industry experience in graphic design under my belt, with a passion for logo design and branding. Furthermore, I have been investing in domain names since around 2012/13, having a soft spot for catchy four and five letter .com’s.

How did I get into domain investing?

Being a designer that focusses primarily on logo design and branding, I was a regular user of websites such as Brandstack. It was a popular marketplace back in the day for logo designers, a place to sell pre-designed or unused concepts.

I found myself selling numerous logos and at that time, I noticed a couple of other designers were selling domain names, along with their logos. It was one of those light bulb moments. I thought to myself, what a cool idea! This would be ideal for startups to not only get a great logo but also the matching .com domain to get their project underway.

As a result, I sold a dozen or so logo and domain packages over the coming years, relatively small sales in the scheme of things. In this case, they were definitely enough to keep things moving along and keep me keen.

Fast forward a year or so, I was working in a busy design studio full-time, which I had been since 1999. I managed to work my way to the point where I was managing several other designers and also juggling various freelance design projects on the side, for a few overseas contacts. After a while, it all got a little too much, and like many others, I did a little traveling and took some well deserved time out.

Besides having some fun traveling and seeing the world, I was still actively buying and selling the occasional domain and I definitely still had that burning desire to pursue the ‘logo and matching domain’ concept.

A point-of-difference

Over time, this concept has evolved into somewhat of a flooded market, so I needed a point-of-difference. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of just adding a ‘complimentary logo’ or a ‘starter logo’. In fact, a logo is a visual representation of your brand. Along with your business name, your business logo is one of the fundamental elements that make your business unique. I wanted to offer buyers more than just a ‘throw-in’ logo.

As such, DNBX provides the full range of logo files to cover both print and web use, including the vector files. Our unique, professionally designed logos are one-off sales. They will never be resold or reproduced. Our domain and logo packages are a great foundation for you to start building your overall brand.

At DNBX, we look forward to building a working relationship with our clients. From this, we can assist you with after-sale design work and continue to work with you on developing your visual identity. We like our clients to see DNBX and a one-stop, creative shop.

DNBX is a four-letter acronym. I picked up the .com at SnapNames back in late 2013. It stands for ‘Domain Names & Brands Exchange’. I have had a few solid offers over the years for this particular domain. The highest was from a Chinese investor. From memory, the offer was 20K, which I declined. Would I sell the domain now?… well, everything has a price. It’d have to be a great deal more than 20K though!

Our creative marketplace sells domain names and bundled domain and logo packages. As described above, these packages include the full range of logo files and most importantly, the matching .com domain. Our domain investments range from acronyms and brandable names, through to one-word .com’s and popular call-to-action names and phrases, perfect for that company slogan or new marketing campaign.

Outside of domains and design

On a personal level, who am I? As stated earlier, I am an experienced graphic designer and a domain investor. I am also a loving husband to an amazing woman and I am a proud father to an amazing six-year-old boy, with Autism. Tyler was diagnosed at the age of two and a half and thanks to early intervention and regular therapy, he has come along leaps and bounds over the past few years. We couldn’t be prouder of him. He is an affectionate, kind-natured kid that everyone adores.

My gorgeous and extremely talented wife runs her own successful wedding hair business and is currently working on a new online business which we hope to launch in the coming weeks.

I love hitting the trails on my mountain bike, along with father and brother-in-law. It’s definitely an ‘out’ for me, from the daily grind. In fact, its a necessity for me. By the way, I am also extremely addicted to coffee and I thoroughly enjoy spending time in the sun, at some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

The domain industry

In regards to the domain industry, like many others, I am an avid reader of Ron Jackson’s (no relation guys) and I enjoy watching regularly

I have had the pleasure of working on a few logo design projects for both Raymond Hackney ( and also Michael Berkens ( These are both, fantastic blogs which I have read for many years. Other notable blogs I regularly visit are Elliott Silver’s and Domain Shane’s

I also really like what Doron, Lionel and the team are doing over at If you’re on Twitter, you should follow Jamie Zoch (@DotWeekly). Jamie provides outstanding information on unreported domain sales and more.

Thanks for visiting! Be sure to keep an eye out for newly added brands to the DNBX Brand Marketplace and for future blog posts!

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